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This being my first post it seems only fitting I dedicate it to my munchkins. After all they my best buddies. Both saboteurs are masters in the art  making mess and do it breathtakingly quickly. Incidentally the picture above was taken in Dublin high street last Christmas.

Hum… I’m struggling to conger up anything super interesting to say. Maybe its first post nerves? I know, I’ll work on what to say while I go make my lovely wife a cuppa…brb.

I’m back. I just made two and a half cups of Yorkshire’s finest. One for Catherine, one for myself and half for Luke. Currently Luke is snuggled up next to his mum watching Transformers – the revenge of the over used cgi effects engine… Oh, one thing you’ll notice is I wander from topic to topic allot.

Moments matter, don’t they? The reason I just made Luke half a cuppa is so he can cuddle up with mum and can spend time together. I do love letting Luke and Lilly have little liberties in the hope the memories will stick with them and when they’ve got kids of their own they’ll cast their minds back and think their old man wasn’t all that bad.

Lilly Thomas. She is imaginative, creative and head strong. She has a cheeky way about her than endears her to everyone. She is my beautiful little pickle or little P. She loves cuddling up in bed with me and watching TV, or having Sunday morning pancakes. I want her to cherish those moments and all the others we’re going to share.


Luke Thomas. I know I’m one eyed and bias but I have never met a kinder little sausage than Luke. If you give him anything, he’ll share it all with everyone. Okay, maybe not the Xbox… He is super bright and loves to laugh and play fight so much. He does relish the idea of going on adventures with me after cricket or playing Xbox games together. My kids are everything to me.


HALT!!!! Mother of god!! Catherine is ‘unloading’ the dishwasher as noisily as possible. Doesn’t she know I’m being profound?!?


Anyway… There is no possible way I can convey how much my kids mean to me ( all you parents can vouch for that). No matter what forfeit I’d need to complete to keep them safe I’d do it with the widest smile that you’d never be able to remove.

Over the next weeks and months I intend to post once a week about random stuff that interests, intrigues or infuriates me (like noise when trying…to…concentrate…)

Lastly…if you could do an immaculate impersonation of someone/thing, who would it be?

Also, I’m rather excited about co-writing a short story with a mate of mine. Take a bow Mr. David Lee Stone. If you read (I’m presuming you can?) then why not have a look at Dave’s blog yourself… (click here)

Over and out, Matt..

PS, Catherine is about to check the lottery to see if we’re the British winner of one hundred and seven million pounds. If so it was nice talking to you and that’ll be all from me. If not, ah, you know the score. Oh yeah, before I go. I’d love to do a Wookie! When I say ‘do a Wookie’, that isn’t any reflection on my wife or devient sexual desires…just my yearning to sound like one – see earlier impersonation question