It might be gone from the newsagents shelves but it’ll never be forgotten! Okay, so on a slightly sensible note – one which will not last long – I hope it becoming an online subscription doesn’t mean it’s about to die altogether? That’d be awful!!


2000AD will always have a massive place in my sci-fried heart and mind. Why? Well, for right of wrong my late Nan would every Saturday buy a copy for my brother and me. The picture bellow is the earliest cover I could recognize; but to be honest Nan had a box full of older ones she’d brought home with her from her day job at a local private school.



Hum, although I honestly recognize the cover, I’d imagine it was one plucked from the box full of oldies. After all judging by the date I’d yet have turned five and their is no way I’d have been able to make sense of it mighty messages!


My top three stories/characters.


Slaine Macroth – The Horned God.


This title had an immeasurable effect on my tiny mind. Never after reading anything else have I wanted more than to paint myself in blood, spike my hair, sharpen my axe and get my ‘warp spasm’ on! Although my favorite artist to work on Slaine was without doubt the peerless Simon Bisley – it was he that convinced me with his amazing art work to spend hour after hour drawing – it didn’t matter who was penning or inking my favorite Celtic barbarian as he is my number one 2000AD character.


Joesph Dread, a.k.a, Judge Dread. 


It was a really close run thing between Slaine and Dread as to which was my number one. The only reason Slaine won was down to me connecting more so with the character and, although you had to wait ages between stories, it seemed Slaine had the edge with regards to the more compelling story lines. Well, I say that but Dread was somewhat shackled with being the comics only constant story line. It’s because of this that Judge Dread sometimes got lumbered with the occasional ropy plot. However, I spent untold hours as Dread in my own head – more so than any other character, period. I’d love nothing more than to be able to spout quotes, etc but my memory is awful and I’d only get it wrong.

On to the Dread films…STOP! As far as I’m concerned their was only one film. (I was forced to take a swig of me clap cold coffee in an effort to regain composure!)

Right, lets start again. While the 2012 Dread film – ah damn it, I’ll have to make mention of the date and the fact it isn’t the only Dread film or some misguided souls might get confused – wasn’t a commercial success like the first, I absolutely frigging loved it!! The film was accurate to Dread’s legacy and felt like 2000AD deliberately gave the finger to the notion of making a few quid off their longest running title. It was dirty, gritty and unforgiving; just like how it was meant to be – and he kept his chuffing helmet on. The only gripe I had was that Dread’s reputation as being the toughest, most unforgiving son of a bitch ever created wasn’t that evident. For that reason I am eternally grateful. Never forget, Dread is a mega city one god legend.


Jesus, the last one is REALLY tough to call…Rogue Trooper, Zenith, ABC Warriors, Bad Company, Strontium Dog, Nemesis The Warlock…wow, I feel an aneurysm developing.


Marlon Shakespeare, a.k.a Chopper.


By Crom, who in the seven Hells is that, I hear you cry! Well, Chopper was surfer who lived in Dread’s Mega City One dystopia. While their are no waves to ride in MC1, their’s plenty of traffic to play chicken with while riding your hover board along its mega highways. Oh and their is always Supersurf… The Supersurf is an illegal competition that pits the best surfers from around the world against each other in a brutal and often deadly game to see who’s got the best skills. Chopper’s a product of mass unemployment and the mind numbing tedium MC1’s citizens face daily. But he want’s more, he want’s to be someone and escape the drugery of MC1 life, even if only for a moment. I read up until Song Of The Surfer and loved every turn and twist. This is a true 2000AD master piece and would stand up well against even the most high brow graphic novels.


Well, for me that was a pleasant stroll through my nicer childhood memories. Who knows with a bit of luck the couple of plot ideas myself and Dave Lee Stone are working on might get printed in 2000AD soon!