I no longer read the or watch the news. Why? Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? Doom, doom, doom and gloom. That’s all the tabloids and beyond care about. Bum on seats –  or readers/viewers in this case. Am I alone in thinking the only way something positive ever gets aired is to act as a mental break before the carnage continues?


Okay, granted this point of view could seem a little on the narrow side but I bet I’m not alone. Growing up as a child in the late 70’s and 80’s all I ever heard was IRA this, explosion that. It was grim. I attribute the siege mentality the press threw up – and rightly so when things were bad – as to part of the reason why I’m so ferociously patriotic. I’m not the type to wave a flag or don a t-shirt when England are doing well. Hell no. As much as I despair at times with the levels violence and other mindless acts my country folk carry out at home and abroad, I’m English and grateful to be an Anglo-Saxon.


I can clearly remember as a small boy thinking why are British soldiers getting shot and bombed by Irishmen? Are the Irish our enemy? I thought to myself while watching the news where some reporter was holed up behind a barricade or a couple of hundred policemen, ‘They have to have a reason for being so angry towards us.’


Right – I’m getting twitchy writing this as the last thing I want to do is mortally offend some poor soul, etc, with my fact-less ramblings. So in order to continue I’d like to state this is only how I choose to view the world and isn’t a fix or the definitive opinion.


Where was I… To put this simply I quickly understood that no right minded person willingly looks to hurt another without a bloody good reason. To my mind then and now I feel the press too often look to exploit situations without caring a jot how those effected might feel.

Are the Irish out to get us? Some might still have a grudge but those I know – half my family are from Dublin – are all warm, welcoming and extremely supportive. Without the Irish I’d not have my kids and my kids mean everything to me.


The Irish are really our friends – TICK!


Maybe I should watch the news on the odd occasion as I had no idea those poor souls on that plane went missing. Maybe more worryingly I also had no idea the Russians have moved into the Ukraine.



To finish up, to my mind almost everything the press touch they manipulate. I’m talking national nor regional press, of course. I mean what on earth would the point be in falsifying the winner of Kent’s flattest lawn of the year (does it such a competition exist? And if it does and has been ‘fixed’ by the press, it had nowt to do with me.)


So my Yoda like nugget of wisdom is NEVER, EVER wash your hair with washing up liquid (my brother and I had to when the miners strike was on in the 80’s. We both looked a right state and it’s a miracle we ever got hitched up with anyone.) and try to keep an open mind and look objectively at situations in life. After all, reading between the lines will almost always lead to mistakes being made.


Don’t trust everything you read! Including this – TICK!!