adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
The above was lifted from Which, incidentally, is one of the first apps I download when I get a new phone. I could happily spend hours flicking through interesting words I pick up in conversation, only to switch to the thesaurus in order to figure out what the they mean.
**True statement alert**
The above comment has been deemed 100% accurate by Mr. M D Thomas and fully acknowledges that it makes him look a twat.
Would you say you’re forthright and honest? Are you virtuous? I’d like to think I am and that my friends are fully aware that given sugar I turn into a dribbling idiot but one with morals and a bizarre set of principles.
Right, seeing as I’m being pious, I’ll come clean. In order I’d not look a right chopper I searched for ‘list of virtues’ in the best known search engine. You know the big G. Yep, you got it! Google. The company that didn’t shy away from such brazen product placement that was found in the fully awesome film The Internship.
You’d have to ask Catherine if the film was any good because after 30 minuets I ran face first into the wall to stop the torment, but believe me when I say what little I saw was complete crap. It made the fractured skull, the seventeen stitches in my forehead and rectal examination worth while, if I’m honest. The only thing I wish was that the nurse didn’t have such thick fore arms as I still can’t sit down without wincing.
**LIE ALER…Okay, enough of that crap. The above statement wasn’t completely true…but the film IS to be avoided.
Where on earth am I going with this? God only knows. God, what’s he got to do with integrity?!?! Please do not get me on  mind control…religion, please! (Stay focused Matthew. You can do this!!)
To brush up on my virtues I first searched the web and came up with this.
I’ll be honest with you, my mind wandered after about five seconds of reading the list but at least I knew my arse from my elbow.
Guys, guys, I’m one step ahead of you. Not only am I the worse editor of my own work but I have a plan. No, no I don’t and to be honest that might explain (and computer games) why I’m not as productive as I could/would/should be.
On a serious note, both Catherine and myself place an awful amount of emphasis on honesty within the family in the hope the kids will learn from out lead. In truth I don”t always tell the truth, who does? I say I can’t lie but I can, I just choose to avoid doing so whenever possible. Luke, my son, is so very honest and implicitly knows right from wrong, good from bad. Lilly is…well, Lilly is just plain cunning – and extremely charming, mustn’t forget charming.
The reason I sat down to write this is although I avoid the tabloids like washing the car, I love sport. All to often (everyday) I end up on It was while browsing I read a story that made my blood boil. You guessed it, it’s the one about the Manchester City player Yaya Toure. Wow, does he or does he not have his head firmly jammed up his backside, or what? Affirmative!

After gobbing off he’s now protesting his innocence, saying this latest out burst isn’t to secure a pay rise, just like Rooney did a while back. No, it’s because Manchester City only gave him a cake on his birthday and not a car like Roberto Carlos received. Get a grip, it’s not like your chuffing destitute and have to walk to work. No, hell no, he get’s paid two hundred and twenty thousand pounds a week! The poor little sausage. Well smash my face in with my own foot because in under two weeks he’d easily be able to buy our house and have enough left over to fix the frigging garage roof and sort out the dog damaged garden!


Integrity, so of us have it and other don’t.