Am I a productive writer? No, sadly I’m not. Hell, I’m not even sure if I am a writer. If you ask me to categorize myself I’d say I’m a charlatan with a one dimensional imagination.

Okay, even I don’t truly believe that but I get incredibly frustrated at my inability to get down the ideas that whiz around my head daily. Part of my problem is I expect, no, I demand flawless perfection without the need for drafting, editing or proof reading. I know this is beyond me and most likely beyond most writers but it doesn’t stop the demands. I can’t find an editing happy-medium and the thought of doing so thought fills me with Dredd. The reason is simple. I never, ever stop thinking. Okay, those that know me well know this to be the truth but those older friends or on the outside most likely think I’m talking s**t.


A friend of mine said when we were having a conversation about my grammar obsession, ‘It’s not like you’re trying to write a master piece, is it?’

I looked at him and said, ‘Dave, I am though. I want to write something to be remembered.’ 


As you’ve noted by now, my punctuation isn’t very good but it’s far better than it was.


Is it okay to blame being dyslexic, having ADHD and being born a blue baby? I suppose it is but to what end? It’s not like stamping your feet and bemoaning ones situation helped anyone much. Anyway while the above ‘conditions’ might answer some of my dilemmas, I refuse to let them win. Okay, so my attention span is unbelievable short, but I have to make do with what I’ve got. If I’m candid I see my main problem as I have a organic writing style. What does that mean? Well, the term ‘organic writing style’ I borrowed from the aforementioned friend when quizzing him about his writing methods.


This is how it works.





I’ll have an idea. I have dozens a day and always when I’m in the bath or doing something that stops me writing it down. I have to write them down or I’ll forget them. With that idea I expand it depending on the theme, notion or mood I’m in. From their I build complexity, I humanize it and set scene after scene to give it life. Before I know what’s what my supposed flash fiction short story could now be a bloody trilogy of novels. In short I find it hard to control myself – oh er…


For example. A while ago I was watching sky and an advert for a computer game came on. While I wasn’t paying any great attention to it, I was sort of listening. I heard a word that immediately triggered my imagination into over drive. While this may sound daft, it’s the truth and happens allot.

The word was lathe as in the machine you’d find in any given metal working factory. Regardless of the words mundane nature my mind was by now racing. With a sense of panic I immediately began searching the net to track down this game in order to satisfy myself that I wasn’t plagiarizing someone elses work. The notion a sci-fi game would band about such an innocuous word like lathe seemed absurd but I had to check. In the two days it took me to track it down I’d already started creating a fantasy world setting.

To date I’ve almost finished writing a fantasy role playing system complete with a pantheon of gods and enough lore and plot to fill be a fair few novels. All this from one miss-heard word. Can’t be bad? No, it isn’t and I love creating and using my imagination. It’s just I wish I could suspend it when it comes to editing work already done. Rewriting isn’t fun and when all I do is rewrite I find my enthusiasm being sapped quickly.


I know what you must be thinking and you’re right. I…am…a…spanner. As a kid I spent a great deal of time inside my own head and I was considered a bit of a Muppet. Speaking of Muppets, I always wanted to be animal! I digress…I do still spend too much time inside my own head but to be honest I enjoy it and yes I know at my age I should know better but…


My organic thought process works well when developing an idea or playing chess but I feel it hinders me when trying to complete a project. I can imagine anything from nothing but ask me to write said story and I’ll tie myself in knots. Surely this means, and I fear it does, that I’m not a story writer, I’m a script writer? Who knows.




Incidentally the word I miss-heard was sword, not lathe. However, my Laethe is chaos engine set in motion by the All Father to rectify the mistakes he made in the past. The Laethe, cut from his own flesh is an abomination tasked with scouring the planet of all traces of life.


So, has anyone got a different angle that might help me render my wandering, ever changing mind calm so I can finish the stuff I start? Also, I challenge you to put my imagination to the test. Throw me an idea and see if I can’t make something of it?


Ps, ten ungowa points to those that recognized the Judge Dredd link!


Live, love and prosper, my minions.