The broken man…or should that be broken men?




Bron…is…back!! I think in my last GoT blog, could well have been the one before, I asked for the Bron and Tyrion show to make a reappearance. While my prayers weren’t entirely granted, they weren’t completely ignored. So, until my favourite duo teams up again, the Bron and Jamie show will also do just fine. Sure, I know Bron is a little rough around the edges and scores highest out on the ‘fuck, arse, bollocks and cunt’ frequency table, but I love how he deals with the Lannister brothers when they flaunt their status and wealth.


Conclusion – okay, so Bron isn’t one of the broken men but he is jolly good adult rated fun. And as you can tell I’m happy my favourite support character is back in the fold. Hmmm, a support actor? What makes a support actor in a show with such a large cast? I suppose it’s because he isn’t an integral part of the story. He’s one of the many tasty flavours that make up steaming broth that is GoT? Sounds better than saying he’s one of many smaller flies buzzing about the turd of Westeros, doesn’t it?


The hound…


Oh yeah, the hound is back! And Brienne, you big footed wench, he ‘ain’t dead yet! I really enjoyed the story where he’d was ‘looking‘ after Arya, it was easily one of the best at the time. True the dynamic duo were as dysfunctional as fire-starting crayon eater, but in an odd way they worked well together. That could have been part of the reason she chose not to kill him when she had the chance.

The hound’s return came at a rather heavy cost to Brother Ray (Ian McShane) and seemingly his entire troop of tree hugging happy clappers.I feel due to the kindness, acceptance and words of wisdom offered by Ray – and then his subsequent hanging – the hound might just have stumbled across a virtuous cause for once. Up until that point, I’m willing to wager he’d just been on one long killing spree.


Conclusion – I’d say the hound is a broken man, albeit physically, but he’s a big, hard, nasty bastard that’s looking to rejoin the fray.




Theon Greyjoy might, with the help of his tit nuzzling, hard drinking sister, have just rediscovered his balls…if not his penis. I’m pretty sure a sea gull had that for a snack after it was sent back home…

While I’ve never really liked Theon that much, you have to say his character has been through the ringer somewhat and probably deserves a little slack.

The first we saw of him, he was a cocky (no pun) semi-captive of the Stark family. Then after betraying them, he fled home only to receive the twat-of-the-week award from his lank haired father and grungy looking sister. If being rejected by your family wasn’t bad enough, the poor bastard then has his winky cut off by that fuckwit Ramsay.

Conclusion – while Theon was most definitely broke, he just might front up and play some minor role in the future.


A small mention to Jon Snow. While he was broken – you don’t get more broken than being shanked to death by your supposed mates, then to have your manhood mocked by a hairy wildling – I sense the force is strong in this one. At last he seems to be shaking off the ill effects of being a bit dead. By the gods, I sooooooo hope he soon tells Sansa to chill the fuck out and stop getting involved in the talky-talky stuff. I mean, she just acts all self important tool and that seems to piss the unwashed oiks off plenty.


Conclusion – Jon was very broken but looks to be rediscovering his purpose again.


Notable mentions to Lyanna Mormont, she pulled no punches and handed both Jon and Sansa a good kicking, that was until the excellent Davos came in to bail them both out with a cracking little speech. I like Davos. He, like Tyrion, seems to be able to keep the story moving nicely and does so with a warm charm. Lyanna was great and a real change of tempo. Some of the characters of late felt a little generic, but she most definitely wasn’t.  I half expected Jon and Sansa to swan in, drop a few name bombs and piss off with a nice shiny new army. But no, the young Mormont slapped them about before eventually giving all she could.


Margaery is playing a very, very dangerous game with the high sparrow and his band of merry-less fuckwits. I’m unsure which way this will go, or even the effects it’ll have on those other factions dotted about the map.


Cersei is flapping her gums but doing bugger all. Either she has something up her sleeve, is truly powerless as we’re lead to believe, or the writers have all-but forgotten about her. Bit annoying as she is a great character.


Lastly little Arya, what a silly sausage you are. Am I alone in finding the scene where she was attacked on the bridge rather odd? It’s almost like she was soliciting the attack. I mean surely she can’t have been that daft to think she could leave an organisation like house of black and white without the crap hitting the fan?  Shit, if I’d pissed off a group as deadly as they, I’d be on edge 24/7! But no, she got sucker punched by some old fart complementing her massive fucking eye brows!! Okay, so she didn’t say that but it doesn’t mean it isn’t true! They’re chuffing massive, like two slugs glued to her forehead.

What is planned for the grievously injured Arya? My lovely and intelligent wife came up with two good idea as to how Arya might escape the black and white’s attentions.


First idea – Arya gets rescued by the actress she’d saved, gets patched up and sent on her way back to Westeros.


Second idea – Arya has been to see the aforementioned actress and gets some theatrical blood bags to somehow fake serious injury? That seems less likely as the dagger went into Arya’s belly a bloody long way.


So, that about concludes this weeks GoT blog. Character reappearances aside, I was most happy an epic shit storm  looks to be on the horizon.

Oh and their were titties for the second week on the trot! RESULT!