Game of Thrones – Season 6 Episode 8



**Caution, this is long and filled with awesome stuff that may cause you to go bald and blind.**


Episode 8 – No One.

At frigging last a few of the old characters rediscovered themselves in last nights episode. Namely Cersei: Jamie, the Hound and Arya.


On a side note, I’d like to congratulate my wife (again) who did say last week that Lady Crane would some how help Arya…blah, blah, yeah, yeah, what-ever…



Arya and the House of Black and Shite.


In my humble opinion Arya’s story lines of late has been a bit underwhelming. I do think, mind you, things are about to get a whole lot more interesting for her.

The House of Black and White needs to be renamed the cult of confused cunts. Talk about convoluted with no real outcome. While that’s partly tongue in cheek, I do admit to never really liking that plot. I totally understand Jaqen first needed to break Arya’s old self down before rebuilding, but for me it was too laboured and all a bit bollocks.


I had a sleep before attempting this blog and this morning it struck me just how much help Arya has had throughout the entire series. I mean she’s always managed to survive this, avoiding that, etc, but it was always with someones help. Syrio trained her in Kings Landing on how to ‘dance’ with a sword. Then the hound took over, giving her life lessons and helping her with her swordsmanship. Then Jaqen H’ghar bailed her out several times before investing a massive amount of effort in her. What I’m saying is she’s lived a rather blessed life thus far. Or has she?

Imagine you’re the head of an assassins guild and one of your more promising students, Arya, pretty much tells you to poke the job up your arse. Would you be happy? Fuck no, you’d strangle the life out of the little shit, wouldn’t you? But inexplicably he actually seemed happy. Or was he? Maybe really he’s seething inside and when she’s not expecting it, he’ll leap out of the shadows and poke out her eyes with a carrot? The smile Jaqen let slip at the end of last nights episode really got me thinking.

I don’t for a moment believe he’ll kill her off, far from it. Firstly she’s had too much air time ploughed into her. And secondly, Jaqen will do what he’s always done which is shadow her like a guardian angel. She’s almost bullet proof, I’d say. Unlike poor old Tormund, who will, mark my words, die before the end of the series because he’s now one of those fringe characters we actually like. Arya will be around after the White Walkers have been vanquished, or at least pushed back.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if Syrio was a member of the House of Black and White and everything that’s happened to Arya has been carefully orchestrated. Hell, maybe Syrio and Jaqen are the same person? What lead me to this conclusion was we don’t know for sure that Syrio died after Arya fled Kings Landing and the smile. I know it’s not much but it got me thinking and second guessing. On an other note, I don’t think Waif was ever meant to kill Arya. Jaqen said to Waif not to let Arya suffer. Why though? Did he say that knowing she’d go easy and make a costly mistake?  To me the plot seems loaded in Arya’s favour somewhat.

The underwhelming aspect of Arya’s story was the inconsistency in her character. We all know she’s a fighter but all too often she seemed lost and afraid. Yes I know she was out of her depth somewhat, but why then would she in the next moment be cool and confident. That could be explained by saying as the more of her old self surfaced, the more she remember how to survive as Arya Stark and not the nameless girl.


Right, enough time on one character.



Cersei’s out numbered in her own home and Jamie to the rescue.


Oh what a shame trial by combat was abolished by whelp King 2.0. I really wanted to see the mountain go full retard and pull some fuckers limbs off. Well, I suppose I can’t complain as he did rip some scrubs head from his shoulders.

This notion is pretty straightforward and I imagine you’ll be glad. Cersei is in a whole heap of trouble, we know that much, but fresh from taking Riverrun without a casualty, I think Jamie will steam back to kings landing, team up with the cunning fox that is Margaery and stomp the shite out of the pious git, the high sparrow.



The Hound and his band of merry swordsmen. 


I’m very happy with what I’ve seen so far of the hounds new redemption theme. For sure he’s still an eye for an eye type of bastard, but he’s not quite the same as he was before. He said so himself after finding Beric Dondarrion (the bloke he killed a few seasons back) and Thoros about to hang the three stooges who had slaughtered the tree huggers and killed his friend, brother Ray. You got a slight sense of change when the hound was travelling with Arya, but still he managed to be an utter shit-house most of the time. It seems, however, the kindness of brother Ray has dulled the hound’s murderous twat attitude slightly.

Yes, I know he slaughtered four men lumberjack style and then kicked the boxes from under two more, hanging them, but they deserved it and more. He also said to Beric their was a time he’d have killed everyone just because he could. This makes me think he’s either have softened up too much and will get sucker punched, or will be around for a long time to come. I’m hoping the latter.


A further mention for Beric and the fact they more people seem to know about the White Walkers. Beric is the Lord of Blackhaven, once a vassal of House Baratheon, and we all know Ned Stark was Robert Baratheon friend, don’t we? Maybe Blackhaven will be able to provide Jon and Sansa with men seeing as they both share a common enemy?


A couple of blogs ago I mentioned Azor Ahai and the prince that was promised. This refers back a thousand years to a legendary warrior who wielded light bringer, a fiery sword and who rose up to defeat the White Walkers. Does that mean we’ll get some arse kicking super warrior? If so, who?


Lastly…the scene between Edmure Tully and Jamie Lannister was bloody excellent. It started off cordially enough but soon descended. This was the first time for me that I’ve seen the nastier side of GoT. I know people get killed all the time, but this was colder and more calculated than swinging an axe. This had a shitty real worldly feel about it. It will also be a sad day when Jamie and Brienne meet over the battle field. While theirs is an unlikely friendship, it proves Jamie isn’t a complete wanker and once he might have stood a chance at not being a git if only he wasn’t a Lannister.





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5 thoughts on “Game of Thrones – Season 6 Episode 8

  1. I do wonder about the House of Black and White… they’re very religious for basically being assassins, does the Many-Faced God actually give a fuck who dies? Maybe Jaquen is just happy knowing that Arya has got some killing to do?

  2. Seems to me that The Hound is becoming Archangel Raguel the angel of justice, if you’ve done wrong…expect a swift axe to the skull/gonads.

  3. Looks like The becoming archangel Raguel the angel of justice. If you’ve done wrong… expect a swift axe to the skull/gonads.

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